Friday, 20 August 2010

PEN Summer Reading #3

Friday 20th August
Coverage of the A Level exam results dominated the headlines this week. Some of the most level headed and insightful analysis of the reality behind the numbers comes from Mike Baker.
Short post on some of the interesting stats found amongst the wider results, from Conor's Commentary. reports on David Willets response to the results and his thoughts on the 'dumbing down' argument.
This piece on the Civitas website argues that it is the re-sit culture of A-Level modules which is affecting the legitimacy of the qualification.
The Truth About Our Schools blog argues that coverage of exam results reflects a marketing blitz by the private sector which talks down the great achievements of many state school pupils.
This weeks TES reports on government research that shows that there needs to be a curriculum wide approach to teaching entrepreneurial skills in schools.
Great blog post from Alastair Horne on how teachers can use technology for CPD.
Teacher Irfana Bora argues against Richard Dawkins position that religious schools serve to indoctrinate children.
Another interesting blog from Patrick Watson on the details behind the academy funding and tax structure.
A comprehensive round up of the coalitions performance, 100 days into their education reform agenda.

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