Friday, 13 August 2010

PEN Summer Reading #2

Holiday Reading: Friday 13th August.
Patrick Watson blogs an interesting response to last weeks Mike Baker piece on the similarities between academies and GM schools
Sec-Ed Magazine on this weeks under-reported news that these new systems have been put on hold by the coalition
News of more cuts to schools infrastructure in the pipeline, as reported in The Guardian
In praise of the Comprehensive school. Kevin McKenna writes in The Observer
A short critique of some of the points in the above article, from 'Ron's Blog'
Excellent blog from Warwick Mansell on the realities and data behind last weeks headlines that science standards are at their lowest for 10 years
Phil Beadle with a interesting take on the impact of the coalitions education policy so far
The Telegraph reports that Michael Gove has gone back on his pledge to cap headteachers salaries at the level of the Prime Minister, calling the plan 'unworkable'.
Conor Ryan on the dangers associated with setting the pupil premium too low.
An Institute of education released today shows that children do better in exams when teachers focus on learning rather than grades.

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