Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Liberal Democrat manifesto for education at a glance:

  • Replace national curriculum in England with "minimum curriculum entitlement" in state-funded schools and scale back tests at age 11. More freedom for school management
  • Pupil premium of £2.5bn given to head teachers in England, aimed at disadvantaged children, which could allow average primary school to cut class size to 20 pupils
  • Early intervention to tackle misbehaviour. Special Educational Needs diagnostic assessments for all five-year-olds [England only]
  • Schools to get loans to improve energy-efficiency - paid back from energy savings [England only]
  • Independent Educational Standards Authority to oversee and restore confidence in exams. General Diploma to bring GCSEs, A-Levels and high quality vocational qualifications together [England only]
  • Reform school league tables and give 14 to 19-year-olds right to go to college, rather than school, if it suits them better [England only]

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