Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Conservative Manifesto for education at a glance

• Develop schools under the Swedish "free schools" and the US "charter school" models: small, autonomous institutions run and set up by parents, teachers, universities, faith groups and voluntary groups.

• Recreate technical schools, which vanished in the 1950s when their popularity dwindled, offering pupils aged 14 to 19 training and apprenticeships to become skilled tradespeople. Tories want 12 technical schools in England.

• More money for schools that take more than average numbers of poor pupils. But no detail on how much money will be allocated.

• Abolish independent appeals panels: headteachers would have the final word on discipline problems.

• National curriculum to be focused around traditional subjects, such as history, science and maths in primary schools.

• Raise the minimum entry requirements for primary teachers.

• Smaller class sizes and a reading test at age six.

• Sats tests and league tables to stay.

• An extra 10,000 university places this year.

• Pay off the student loans of maths and science graduates who become teachers.

(source http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/apr/13/conservative-manifesto-at-a-glance)

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