Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Please no year zero

I am delighted to make the inaugural Progressive Education Network blog.

Today marks the first step in practitioners at the top of their game coming together to work with policy makers on the future direction of education. It is time for a mature partnership that matches the ambition of government with the practical wisdom of successful front line leaders.

Tonight I will be at the House of Commons to officially launch the Network and a key theme of my ‘report card’ on education reform is that what is needed now is further and more mature partnership between schools, government and local communities, not a complete change in direction – build on the progress of the last 10 years. Not a starting position that assumes nothing has gone before. I argue that the report card shows good national progress but the mantra must be ‘Much done, much still to do’.

The next phase of reform must build from where we are and capitalise on a decade of investment. It is naive to expect investment at similar levels but it would also be crazy not to take advantage of investment to date.

Let's work smarter and together.

By: Mike Gibbons

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